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How to Listen to Pandora Outside the USA
It’s been quite a while since I’ve listened to my favorite music site Pandora. Ever since they were forced to shut down access outside the US, there have been several solutions floating around - most of them revolving around proxies and anonymous surfing. All of which I’ve found too much hassle.

globalPandora is the most elegant solution I’ve seen to date. Nothing fancy - just the familiar Pandora box where you can start listening to your favourite flavor of songs right away… all in the usual fast high quality streaming that we’re used to.

A note of caution here that globalPandora is probably nothing more than a proxy site dedicated to Pandora. This also means that security may be a risk, because you type in your login and password in globalPandora. Well, to rest easy just open an all new Pandora account with a login/password you can afford to compromise.

Enjoy your music!
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