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How to Remove Passwords From Protected Excel Sheets
What’s simplest way to stop an Excel sheet or workbook from being modified? Just protect it with a password. While this is great for stopping others from accidentally modifying certain sections of your Excel file, it certainly isn’t the safest way to lock up private data for the simple reason that it’s very easy to crack!

If you’re ever in a situation where you need instant legitimate access to a locked file, just download and run this Excel Add On. Then just open up the file in question and you can unlock the workbook or any worksheets within it.

Useful to note is that it doesn’t reveal the password, or brute hack it - what it does is just simply remove the entire password from the file altogether.

Also, the program can’t remove file protection, i.e. if you are unable to open the excel file to begin with, this program won’t help you. You can however try Excel Key (this one is not free) to remove file protection.
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