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Yahoo! Developer Network Theater Launched
One of the projects I've been part of has launched this week. We're calling it YDN Theater, and it's a blog that collects all the videos we're filming for the Yahoo! Developer Network. We're creating videos of stuff that we hope is interesting to a wide audience of developers and technologists and making it available in Quicktime, Flash (via Yahoo! Video), and on iTunes.

Some of the videos are of people who present at Yahoo and another set is video of talks that Yahoos give at technical conferences around the world. I'm also making an effort to grab famous folks at conferences and get them to talk about things too. We shot a few at Defrag in Denver this week.

We're also introducing a few shows to the lineup. I'm doing one called Experts@Work that came out of the realization that we have a ton of experts in a wide variety of technical fields at Yahoo! If only someone could get them on camera for a 15-45 minute discussion, we could probably uncover some very interesting stuff...

Needless to say, there's a growing list of folks on our interview wishlist. If you know of a Yahoo you'd like to see on camera talking about what they know best, drop me a line. (And if you're a Yahoo reading this, feel free to nominate yourself or a coworker.)

None of this would be possible without the expertise and skill of Ricky Montalvo (our video producer, editor, and guru) and Matt McAlister (our ring leader). Matt encouraged this at every step of the way and talks more about Investing in video at YDN on his blog as well.

I tell ya, this video stuff is kind of fun. Look for lots more from us in 2008. :-)
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